New Year – New Beginnings

Jan 2020

"We’re already over two weeks into 2020. So – what I have I been up to?

My adult novel in progress entitled Frozen Charlotte was put on hold over Christmas, as I played host to a nasty bug that ‘generously’ gave me a chest infection. Thanks for that you miserable microbes! But I’m back, fighting fit and ready to begin another new project to run alongside writing Frozen Charlotte. More of that in a moment.


First I want to share my feet with you. Well not my actual pinkies, rather lovely as they are, but the lasts made for my by the very talented craftsman Michael James of @springline.lasts  (You can see my name on the lasts in the pic)

As part of my research for Frozen Charlotte, which is a murder mystery based on the Northampton shoe trade in the mid-19th century, I visited Springline and was shown around the factory. It’s very exciting to be part-way through the process of having a bespoke pair of boots made for me. The process has been the same for centuries, Northampton shoe makers were and are very skilled. I’ll be eagerly awaiting updates and will keep you posted."

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"Now for that other project, for which I am wearing my children’s author’s hat. It is early days for what is something completely new to me, so as yet there’s not much detail I can go into. I've been into Northampton College to work with some of the students on an exciting new venture which will bring Flame the Magic Kitten to life in a vibrant new way."

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"I’m very fond of my clever, brave, sparkly, mischievous and goodhearted Magic Kitten so it’s very exciting to see where we’re heading with this. (Flame has given me his approval *waves fluffy paw and grins*)

 I will tell you more very soon - Promise!"

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"In the meantime wrap up warm and look after yourselves. Remember that cold nights and weekends are perfect for curling up in a fleece with a book and a large hot chocolate.

Lots of love – Sue Bentley"

Happy New Year!

Jan 2020

'Sue hopes everyone had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of exciting reads. And she wishes everyone a Happy and Bookish New Year.'

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Interview with Sue

Jan 2020

Sue was delighted to be featured by @Kim_Missen on her blog on Twitter. 'Thanks so much for hosting me!' Check out the full interview HERE and subscribe to this great blog.

New Magic Puppy Edition

Jan 2020

Sue loves this gorgeous latest Czech Magic Puppy edition - particularly seeing her name as Sue Bentlyova.

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Second Skin in Miniature!

Nov 2019

Sue was thrilled to receive these miniature versions of her latest book, Second Skin. Huge thanks to @lizziecantopher They look brilliant on her shelf next to her author copy!

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We Other Paperback

Nov 2019

Anniversary edition of We Other available for the first time in paperback. Ever wanted to be beguiled by Faerie Glamour? Be careful what you wish for. 

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Click the image to order your copy

We Other Book Trailer

Sue is very pleased to announce that the book trailer for We Other is now LIVE!

Click the image above to view the trailer

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"Come closer tender 


~ Sue Bentley, We Other 

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We Other a #1 Amazon Bestseller!

Sue was thrilled to discover that We Other is #1 on the Amazon Bestsellers list for Low Fantasy!

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Writing Tip

Sue says  'When inspiration is needed, roll out the notebooks, coloured pencils and chocolate peanuts!'

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WIP Research

February 2019

Sue being measured for bespoke shoes by Master Last Maker, Michael of Springline. All in the interests of research for her novel in progress set in Victorian Northamptonshire and the shoe trade.

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For Writers

On Writing

'...the art of pretence, fabrication and telling lies is part of my stock-in-trade. To begin with, I must strive to believe my own lies. It’s important that my characters become so convincing - so ‘real’ to me - they take on a life of their own... Click here to read more


Advice for New Writers

People often ask me for tips about writing and how to get published. So here are some thoughts on the subject. I hope you find them useful and constructive.

First of all – writers must write... CLICK HERE to read more

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Just Be a Child

Sue supports Just Be a Child, a charity that inspires and supports Kenyan children to read. The charity is looking for writers to donate books so please click the logo to take a look at their website if you can help.

What readers are saying about Second Skin

Great to see Second Skin already making an appearance on bookstagram! 

Thanks to @booksletusescape_ for this lovely photo.

'Sue Bentley has created a cool world in Second Skin. It will only get better in future novels.'

4 stars, @booksletusescape Bookstagrammer

'...They are beings that have both a human and dragon form. This was really cool and something I've not really seen before. I really loved the worldbuilding in this book and getting to know the world, culture, politics and people of Esra. The plot was action packed and kept me hooked, there was so much going on and it was interesting to see how each storyline played out.'

4 stars, Goodreads reviewer

"Second Skin - set in a world of shapeshifters that go beyond the norm - with fantastic reviews for this series starter its worth checking out for your TBR. Anyone else crushing on this cover?"

@julie_embleton on Instagram

'Love, love, love this book. 5 stars. The end! This is my first read from Sue Bentley. It certainly won't be my last.'

5 stars, Jessica Belmont, Amazon customer


'There is love, there is war, there are dragons and tribes, and a girl who wants nothing more than to have the freedom to choose.' 

Haley Renee @Dramahuman31

'Having long been a fan of shapeshifting characters in all manner of books, I thought I knew what to expect, but in the Drakkoni, Sue Bentley has created a far more complex race than your average shifter. The drama intensifies steadily throughout.'

@maitaylor01 – on Mai’s Musings

'I love books that focus on character development, and Aledra’s character arc is one of my new favourites....I would definitely recommend Second Skin to any fantasy fans, especially those who love character focused books with unique worlds to explore.'

4 stars, Goodreads reviewer

What readers are saying about We Other

Image description

Thanks to @paperheartsink for this wonderful photo of We Other

' "We Other" delivers by the bucket-load! Sue Bentley's writing is dark and atmospheric, and a hint of menace drips through it. These are most definitely not the faeries of the Disney or Flower Fairy variety. They are cruel, and unpredictable, and filled with a dark malevolence. The descriptions in the book are so vivid that I became totally immersed in what I was reading, and could picture the settings as clearly as the back of my own hand.'

5 stars, Curlygirl79, Amazon reviewer

'I loved the intricate weaving of the faery and mundane worlds, the depth of the characters, and the honest clarity of the emotions portrayed. I will very much be looking forward to a continuation of this story!'

5 stars, Melissa Williams, Amazon reviewer