Second Skin on Bookbub!

Sept 2019


Second Skin is on now on special promotion on Bookbub!  This is what Bookbub is saying about Second Skin...


When Aledra Jewel-Wing breaks the fragile peace that unites the Drakkoni and the Esrans, she embarks on a desperate journey while her own father hunts her down… An epic fantasy adventure! 

Click the image to download Second Skin for the special price of £0.99p For a limted time only. Don't miss out! 

Anglia News Interview

Sept 2019

Sue was interviewed about her 30 year career as an author and her impressive number of books sales. To be aired on ITV Anglia News in the next few days.

Sue with Matthew Hudson presenter-editor and Gary Mabee Camera-director

Second Skin Book Trailer

Sept 2019

Sue has been busy with  producer Glenn, working on the Second Skin book trailer in Lonestation Creations studio.

Click the image to view the book trailer and other videos. If you like it, leave a comment!

The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories

Sept 2019

Sue's short horror story 'Old Gods' is included in The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories. Published 1st October 2019. Pre-order your copy at the special price of £1.99 HERE

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Wollaston Museum Event

Aug 2019

Sue had a wonderful time at the 2019 Wollaston Museum garden visit, huddled beneath a gazebo as the rain poured down but everyone kept smiling! Sue says, "It was great to meet enthusiastic young readers." 

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August 2019 Wollaston Museum gardens visit - huddled beneath a gazebo as the rain poured down.  But we kept smiling. Great to meet enthusiastic young readers.

Cover Reveal

June 2019

Sue is very happy to reveal the cover for her upcoming book Second Skin, coming 18th July 2019. You can pre-order now for a special price of £1.99/$2.99 for a limited period.

The moon was being devoured.

Estranged from birth and raised on tales of the great mountain castle of Idrith-Core, where her distant father serves as Lord Commander and confidante of the King, Aledra Jewel-Wing was now going there to court.

As one of the Drakkoni, a race of powerful shape-shifters and conquerors of a wild land, she joins her stepmother at the festival for all peoples. But when in attempting to save a life, Aledra shifts into her Drakkoni Secondskin – her beautiful soul-double: a fearsome creature with flaming breath – she breaks an ancient oath, and the tremulous peace between the Drakkoni and Esrans is shattered.

Branded a fugitive, hunted by her father, and aided in escape by the master-mancer who raised her, Aledra begins a journey for survival across a war-torn continent.

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Writing Tip

Sue says  'When inspiration is needed, roll out the notebooks, coloured pencils and chocolate peanuts!'

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WIP Research

February 2019

Sue being measured for bespoke shoes by Master Last Maker, Michael of Springline. All in the interests of research for her novel in progress set in Victorian Northamptonshire and the shoe trade.

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Just Be a Child

Sue supports Just Be a Child, a charity that inspires and supports Kenyan children to read. The charity is looking for writers to donate books so please click the logo to take a look at their website if you can help.

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For Writers

On Writing

'...the art of pretence, fabrication and telling lies is part of my stock-in-trade. To begin with, I must strive to believe my own lies. It’s important that my characters become so convincing - so ‘real’ to me - they take on a life of their own... Click here to read more


Advice for New Writers

People often ask me for tips about writing and how to get published. So here are some thoughts on the subject. I hope you find them useful and constructive.

First of all – writers must write... CLICK HERE to read more

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London Book Fair

March 2019

Sue had the pleasure of visiting the London Book Fair this month to connect with publishers and other authors.

Click the image to watch short highlights from Sue's visit to the London Book Fair 2019. 

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Anniversary Edition Now LIVE!

June 2019

The Anniversary Edition of We Other is now available on Amazon! This edition of We Other includes an introduction from Sue. Click the image below to order your copy.£1.99/$2.99 for a limited time.


What readers are saying about Second Skin

Great to see Second Skin already making an appearance on bookstagram! 

Thanks to @booksletusescape_ for this lovely photo.

'Love, love, love this book. 5 stars. The end! This is my first read from Sue Bentley. It certainly won't be my last.'

5 stars, Jessica Belmont, Amazon customer


'There is love, there is war, there are dragons and tribes, and a girl who wants nothing more than to have the freedom to choose.' 

Haley Renee @Dramahuman31

'Sue Bentley has created a cool world in Second Skin. It will only get better in future novels.'

4 stars, @booksletusescape Bookstagrammer

'Having long been a fan of shapeshifting characters in all manner of books, I thought I knew what to expect, but in the Drakkoni, Sue Bentley has created a far more complex race than your average shifter. The drama intensifies steadily throughout.'

@maitaylor01 – on Mai’s Musings