Happy New Year greetings from Sue!

January 2019

"Happy New Year Everyone - here's hoping for lots of good reading and bookish enjoyment.

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My completed novel Second Skin - about people who can morph into dragon-like creatures will be published later this year. I'm so excited about this! Second Skin is set in a different world to We Other, and will be the first book in a new series.

I'm also working on a new novel for adults at the moment, working title Frozen Charlotte. Set in Victorian times it's a dark tale of family secrets, murder and mystery. I'm really enjoying this period in history - one of my favourites.


I have various events already booked. Keep checking my website for details.


Finally - my newsletter will now be quarterly, and not monthly. So sign up for free here and the Spring edition will pop into your email inbox as the daffodils are nodding their golden heads.


Happy Reading!" 

~ Sue

Latest French Magic Kitten

December 2018
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Cover for the newest French title - number 20. Sue says, 'Loving the colours of this and the kitten is so-oo cute!'

Out and About with Sue

November 2018

Sue loves to sign books and chat with independant booksellers when she visits other cities. Here she is at Gulliver's Bookshop, Wimbourne with the bookshop owner, Paul!

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How to Write Better!

October 2018

Sue was delighted to write this feature for How To Write Better. She would like to thank @SuzanStMaur for the opportunity to contribute to such a great online resource, offering information and insights about all aspects of writing. CLICK HERE to read the feature.

Just arrived 

October 2018


New French editions to the Magic Kitten family, specially adapted from Sue's original stories. Sue is loving the cute covers!

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On Writing

'...the art of pretence, fabrication and telling lies is part of my stock-in-trade. To begin with, I must strive to believe my own lies. It’s important that my characters become so convincing - so ‘real’ to me - they take on a life of their own... Click here to read more'


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We Other Review

September 2018

Sue is delighted by this brilliant review by super-blogger Jessie @BooksInHandbag. Many thanks to Jessie for bravely exploring outside her genre. 

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Sue with new friend Wotsit - another Magic Kitten to cuddle! 

Latest We Other Feedback

"We Other is something different and a brilliant discovery. I savoured each imagining and lingered in the world of Jess. There is a haunting intensity in every sentence."

Amazon 4 stars


"Where do I begin with such a wonderful novel! An epic read, it deals with gritty issues from the modern day world intertwined with a dark magical element. I could not put this book down. This is the perfect book to get lost in but be warned, it is addictive!" says @bookaddictionUK on her blog, Wrong Side of Forty

"I absolutely adored this book, it was like a dark faerie tale with a modern twist and mix, blending fantasy with social factors and creating a brilliant and absorbing story. I would highly recommend to not only YA fantasy readers but also to those who like fantasy and paranormal mystery," 

says @yvonnembee on her blog, Me and My Books