Meet the Author

Sue lives in a house surrounded by a wildlife hedge so she can pretend she lives in the countryside. She enjoys reading, walking, cinema, researching her books, and painting and printmaking, when she's not writing -- which isn't very often!

Sue has just finished a first draft of 'Second Skin' -- the first book in a new series, and she is about to do some major editing. The book is about what happens when different races collide and asks the question, 'what shape is love?' Aledra is a Drakkoni, shape-shifters and conquerers of Esra. Jubal is a native Esran who has witnessed the slaughter of his people by the hated Drakkoni. Aledra and Jubal go on a journey which will stretch friendship, faith, and love to its limits.

Sue is also in the planning stages of 'Scar You' which will revisit the characters from We Other and introduce new ones.

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Sue says: "It's a very exciting time for me with one novel newly finished and working on another. Plus lots more projects in the pipeline. May has been very busy with lots of author events so now I'm looking forward to a quieter time to focus on writing." ~May 2018

Sue, On Writing

An extract from 'Telling Lies for a Living'

'...the art of pretence, fabrication and telling lies is part of my stock-in-trade. To begin with, I must strive to believe my own lies. It’s important that my characters become so convincing - so ‘real’ to me - they take on a life of their own. How else can I expect the reader to care about them? I need to ‘hear’ my characters speaking to me, each with their own distinctive voice. In my completed novel the reader should be able to tell which of them is ‘on stage’ from dialogue alone.

The same principles come into play when creating backgrounds and settings. Some writers use actual places they know or have visited, especially for contemporary novels. I do this to some extent, but as there’s often a strong fantasy element in my books I also make a lot of things up. Of course that is true of all novelists. A writer of thrillers doesn’t need to murder anyone or commit a crime. A writer of historical fiction can take as much or as little licence with the facts as they wish. Like me, they are not above twisting facts, features and places to add drama.... '

Sue's guest post 'Telling Lies or a Living' was first published by @Dough_nut81 on her Blog, Dash Fan Book Reviews, on 25th May 2018.  Click here to read the full feature.