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Sue lives in a house surrounded by a wildlife hedge so she can pretend she lives in the countryside. She enjoys reading, walking, cinema, researching her books, and painting and printmaking, when she's not writing -- which isn't very often!

Sue has just finished a first draft of 'Second Skin' -- the first book in a new series, and she is about to do some major editing. The book is about what happens when different races collide and asks the question, 'what shape is love?' Aledra is a Drakkoni, shape-shifters and conquerers of Esra. Jubal is a native Esran who has witnessed the slaughter of his people by the hated Drakkoni. Aledra and Jubal go on a journey which will stretch friendship, faith, and love to its limits.

Sue is also in the planning stages of 'Scar You' which will revisit the characters from We Other and introduce new ones.

Sue says "It's a very exciting time for me with the blog tour to promote the E-book of We Other, one novel newly finished and working on another. Plus lots more projects in the pipeline. May has been very busy with lots of author events so now I'm looking forward to a quieter time to focus on writing."

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Q & A session with Sue Bentley


Favourite animal and why?  It’s hard to pick just one, because I love all animals – even slimy slugs and creepy-crawlies. But if I’m pushed I’d have to say cats. They are beautiful, cuddly, independent and affectionate when they like you. I always feel honoured when one of them chooses to be my friend.


Describe your Magic Kitten series in five words. Fun, Sparkly, Cute, Exciting, Collectable.


Do you have any pets? Do they have any special talents? I used to have 3 cats, but have none at present. But I often look after four cats and 2 dogs, for friends and neighbours, so they keep me pretty busy! I do have lots of frogs and newts in my garden pond and a cheeky squirrel in the garden. The squirrel sits on my windowsill and looks it at me while I write. He hasn’t learnt to read yet though.


If you could be transported on a magical adventure, where would you go and what would you do?  In a way, I go on a brilliant adventure in every one of my books, as I always choose exciting settings or get to experience something special. Like learning circus skills, winning a swimming race or riding a pony. Although I’m actually sitting in my office, in my imagination I can be flying over the top of a mountain or at the bottom of the sea talking to mermaids. That’s pretty magical to me.


Where do you get your ideas for your books?  Ideas come from everywhere, talking to people, reading, watching films and TV, listening to conversations on the bus Sometimes they pop into my head. Ideas are easy. It’s building the book and making the characters become real that’s the hard part.


What is your favourite children’s book and why?  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I’ve read it lots of times and it’s still magical. I love the idea that a wondrous world is there through that old wardrobe in the dusty empty room. I still cry every time the witch kills Aslan, even though I know he comes back to life.


Who is your favourite children’s author and why?  My favourite children’s author is always the one who’s book I’m currently enjoying. So, right now, it’s Pat Walsh for her amazing book The Crowfield Curse.


Writing tips for young writers?  Number one – just write. Sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many people tell that they’re going to write a book. I always say. Great – just get started and keep on going. It’s all about having the determination to write regularly. Just a few sentences a day and you’ll have a book in a few months. My top tip is to keep a notebook with you, to jot down ideas. Keep it by your bed too. You always think you’ll remember ideas that pop into your mind. Trust me. You won’t!


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