Meet the Author

Sue lives in a house surrounded by a wildlife hedge so she can pretend she lives in the countryside. She enjoys reading, walking, cinema, researching her books, and painting and printmaking, when she's not writing -- which isn't very often!

Sue's latest book, Second Skin, is OUT NOW


Aledra is one of a race of shape-shifters; the Drakkoni, powerful warriors and conquerors of a wild and beautiful continent. She is estranged from her cold and distant father, who is Lord Commander and confidante of the King. When her attempt to save a life goes tragically wrong, she becomes a fugitive, hunted both by her father and a pitiless bounty hunter. She teams up with Jubal, a young man from an indigenous tribe, who has witnessed the slaughter of his people by the hated Drakkoni. Aledra and Jubal journey across the war-torn continent, surviving as best they can while their greatest challenge is how to exist as sworn enemies.

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Sue is currently working on her next novel, a Gothic Mystery set in Victorian Northamptonshire and the shoe trade. 

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About Second Skin, Sue says: ‘I started out with the germ of an idea for Second Skin which became more complex, far reaching, and darkly sinister as I developed it. This happens most of the time when I’m writing for a Young Adult and older readership! Fascinating things happen when cultures collide. There’s so much material for a writer to explore. I’m also very interested in the many stories and rich lore of Native American Culture. Within it, I found inspiration for some of the themes and characters for Second Skin.’